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Computers - Digital photography - Intermediate

Course Title:

Computers - Digital photography - Intermediate

Course Number:

CCNO F10539


Distance Learning Course

Learning Area:



Entry (Mixed)


Elly Swanson

Start Date:

11 January 2021

End Date:

22 March 2021

Session Time(s):

Monday between 18:30 and 20:30

Total Sessions:


Total Hours:


Class Size:

Between 8 and 14 learners.

Course Information

This is an online course taught via Zoom

What will I be learning?

This is a 10 week course on the basics of photo editing and manipulation. You can participate in this course as a beginner to the subject or if you have a little previous experience and want to build your confidence, knowledge and understanding. You must have used a computer before and already have skills, knowledge and understanding in:

  • opening and saving files
  • downloading & uploading files to the Internet
  • using email

The software we’ll be using is GIMP, freely downloadable from the Internet. If you already have other imaging software at home eg, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, etc, you will find that GIMP has lots of similar features. For learners who have some experience of imaging software apps already it will be an opportunity to consolidate previous understanding and widen your knowledge of the underlying principles of image editing/manipulation. 

The course will cover:

  • The image editing interface and tools/menus.
  • Basic editing/manipulation. For example: straightening/rotating, cropping, adjusting light, cloning, adjusting colour, preparing images for print and display on the Internet.
  • Image file formats and what to use (when & why).
  • Taking a good photo (composition techniques/principles).

The content and learning materials will be available each session via a website called DerbyLearn for access in and out of class. You will be required to create a personal account at using your own email address.

This course will particularly suit learners who have a flexible approach to learning and are self-directed and confident to work independently, asking questions via the Internet using email, online forums or zoom.

Does the course lead to a qualification?

There is no qualification on this course.

Who is the course for?

Due to the diverse learner abilities & skills that this course attracts learners must already have very good computing skills, ie using a mouse & keyboard, saving files and navigating the Internet effectively.

GIMP software is available for Windows PCs, Laptops, Mac and Linux. Please go to this page to find out more and find out if it is suitable to download to your machine. 

Image editors on phones and tablets are not suitable for this course.

This course will particularly suit learners who have a flexible approach to learning and are self-directed & confident in a “workshop” environment where people are at different levels, working on different projects. Not all topics are “taught” in a traditional sense by the tutor, many are introduced through online tutorials & resources. This method of working doesn’t suit everyone & is particularly challenging for computing beginners with little learning experience.

What do I need?

You will be attending this course online, via Zoom and your tutor will email you a meeting invite at the start of each session. You will need GIMP software downloaded to your computer, laptop or Mac so that it’s ready for the first session. The Internet download page is

To connect to your online course via Zoom, you will need:

  • An electronic device of your choice connected to the Internet
  • An email address

Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs. You can download the GIMP software for free from the Internet:

How will I know how I am progressing during the course?

At DALS, we use an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to set and review targets and provide feedback, enabling continual reflection and evaluation throughout the course. Learners will also receive verbal and/or written feedback on marked work. Learners will use their ILP to help track and monitor their own progress towards set goals, to support personal development and achievement.

There is no formal exam, although there is continual evaluation throughout the course.

Can I have help in the class?

At enrolment, it is important that you tell us if you have a learning difficulty or disability and require support. Learners declaring a support need will be referred for an assessment. If an enhanced support need is confirmed, a Support Package will be offered, to assist your progress in your learning and development, specific to your assessed needs.

How is this course supported by DerbyLearn?

DerbyLearn is a learning platform that supports and complements most classes. To find out more, please go to and sign up, it's free and well worth a look!

Progression within DALS

On completion of this course, you could progress to:

  • Another term of Digital Photography
  • Our Digital Imaging and Photo Workshop
  • Other Creative courses

Health and Wellbeing

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This is because we believe that taking part in adult and community learning can open the door to new friendships, give you something enjoyable and worthwhile to do with your time, enable you to learn something new and give you a sense of achievement. That's got to make you feel good!

Volunteering opportunities

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Venue Information

Distance Learning Course


Derby Adult Learning Service, Online Learning Course, DE0 0NA


Crèche Unavailable

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