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Health, Wellbeing and Leisure


Our wellbeing courses can help you feel an increased sense of fulfilment, achievement, satisfaction, mindfulness, happiness and enjoyment; helping to establish the right balances in life.  Click on the link to see our courses; come and join us! View Wellbeing courses.


Treat your brain like a muscle: exercise it!  Similar to our ‘Wellbeing’ courses, our leisure courses enhance your health and stimulate the mind; our leisure courses can feed an existing interest, or spark a new one – click on the link and enquire today. View Leisure courses.

Arts, Crafts and Music

Our Arts, Crafts and Music courses can teach you a range of new skills for a range of purposes – whether to support your health and wellbeing, learn a new skill, or develop an expertise in preparation for a move into self employment or a second income.  Click on the link to start your journey.  View Arts, Crafts and Music courses.

Care and Education

We offer a number of Care and Education courses to help you kick start, or further your career in these rewarding areas of work:


Whether you are new to the role of Teaching Assistant, or looking to further your role and qualifications in this sector, we have a range of Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (STALIS) courses to meet your needs.


Whether you are new to Counselling, looking to further your counselling career, or seeking to enhance a separate job role where you support others, we have the course for you.

Health and Social Care

From care of older people, to supporting individuals with learning difficulties, mental health issues, addiction, and dementia, a course in Health and Social Care will kick start your career in some of the most rewarding work possible – apply today!

Early Years and Child Care

​For a career working with younger children in nurseries and other day care settings, take a look at our Early Years courses!

Employability Learning programmes

Programmes for jobseekers

Free employability skills workshops to help you build on your skills and increase your confidence when looking and applying for work.

View courses here

Derby Adult Learning Service job clubs

The job clubs are an opportunity to search for jobs and apply for work online.  You will have free access to computers and the internet and support will be available from advisers.  You can get help with:

  • Applying for jobs
  • Creating a CV
  • Improving your interview techniques
  • Improving your presentation skills

To access the job club, you will need to enrol and book on to the session you are attending. No drop-ins will be permitted due to the current situation.

English and Maths

There are many English and maths classes that are not listed on our web site.  These classes are running all year and you may join at any time after a short assessment session.  If you have any queries or would like to arrange an assessment session please call on 01332 956565 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Brush Up your English

Our courses will help you build on your practical English skills to get the most out of work and everyday life.  You will also gain a recognised qualification to improve your CV and work prospects!
Book an assessment with one of our subject specialists who will advise you about the best course for you.  Many of our English courses are completely free of charge!

View our English Courses here!

Improve your Maths skills

We provide a variety of courses across the city for beginners and improvers right through to the Level 2 qualifications to help boost your maths skills.  Whether you need a qualification to improve your CV and help finding employment or just want to be able to solve everyday problems such as reading timetables to plan journeys, comparing energy suppliers or being able to select the best mobile phone tariff.

Whatever your goal our friendly, supportive classes can help you to gain confidence and improve your maths skills before completing a nationally recognised functional skills qualification.  Better still, many of our maths courses are completely free of charge!

An informal assessment session with one of our tutors will help to find the right class to suit your needs.

View our Maths Courses here!


Derby Adult Learning Service provides hundreds of courses in Derby for you to choose from in a whole range of subjects. Select one of the learning areas below for a list of related courses available:

British Sign Language (BSL)

Do you have family members who are deaf? Do you meet deaf people through work or social activities? Would you like to be able to communicate with deaf people more effectively? We run a range of Sign Language and deaf related courses which are accredited by "Signature".

Business and Computing

Looking to improve your computer skills for personal use? Or to enhance your skills for a current job role? Maybe you want to kick start a career or change of direction? We have a range of IT based courses, plus programmes in accountancy; start your learning journey with us today!

Care and Education

Our Care and Education courses lead to some of the most rewarding and fulfilling careers – start your journey today! Whether you want to start your career in the Caring/Education profession, change direction, or increase your qualification level and expand your current role or career, we offer a range of courses including Counselling, Health and Social Care, Early Years Education, and Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools.

English and Maths

Improve your maths and/or English skills, and gain those all important qualifications needed for further study, and many job roles – we have GCSEs, Functional Skills, and more bespoke courses too.

Health, Wellbeing and Leisure

Looking to maintain or improve your mental health? Physical Health? To develop new habits and hobbies? We have a range of courses that enhance wellbeing and leisure time, including Keep Fit, Mature Movers, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, Adult Mental Health First Aider (MHFA), Yoga, Pottery, Sewing, Art, Music, Cooking and Baking

Employability Learning programmes

Enhance your current career and prospects, increase your chances of securing that job, develop or further your skills in key employability areas such as interview technique, presentation skills, CV writing, job applications and much more.

Languages and Communication

Learn a new language or ‘brush up’ on your existing skills. Whether you want to be fluent for a holiday, or multilingual for your career, we have a range of languages courses, including French, German, Italian, Greek and Spanish – all at different levels to meet your starting point.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

If English is not your first language, and you want to learn English or improve your use of the English language, we have a course for you.

Family Learning

Family Learning is wonderful route into further learning, and a fun way for parents and carers to support their children at home, in school, and in life.  We offer a wide range of course suitable for families, both in local schools and online.  Click on the link to see our online courses that you can enrol to today.  View Family Learning courses here.

Students with Learning Disabilities and Difficulties (LLDD)

If you have a difficulty or disability that affects your learning, we have lots of different courses available to help you learn new skills, be more independent, get ready for work, and improve your confidence and wellbeing.  Take a look at our brochure in the top right corner of this page to see our courses!

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